The Baroque House


Loosely based on Deleuze's idea of the Baroque House. A two storey house used to exemplify Leibniz's thoughts on the relationship of mind and body, thought and matter. An event organized in two floors.


The upper floor housed a festival of the senses with with various art and music performances. Children were provided crayons of which they used to draw on the walls and floor.


The cellar screened 'alfabetasario'  a combined sound and video installation composed of two screens. One who displayed an animation based on the the various child rearing contraptions  of Mortiz Schreber. Schreber a foremost figure of what later has been called black or poisonous pedagogy, a rigid attitude towards child rearing and pedagogy. The other video displayed a person tattooing one of these contraption into his own flesh. An audio loop was running with the speech synthesis of a child resiting an atypical interpretation of the alphabet.

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